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May 2014


Our cuvée of the month for May is in fact three cuvées of the month – a fantastic trilogy from Champagne Janisson-Baradon! We have previously reviewed one of them but being all single vineyard wines and despite being very different; they are all so good that we find it very difficult to split them.


Located in the capital of Champagne – Epernay, this excellent house controls 9 ½ hectares of vineyards, located around the outskirts of Epernay. Using a number of organic methods in their farming, their production is termed as “lute raisonée”. For us, the jewels in their crown are the three single plots that provide a trio of mono-cru cuvées “Chemin des Conges”, “Toulette” and “Tue Bœuf”.  


All three wines are principally crafted using the same methods.  Vinification takes place in wood by means of fûts de chêne and a lengthy aging process, combined with the blocking of malolatic fermentation ensures intensely rich, generous and aromatic wines. Dosage is kept to 5gl, giving these cuvées a classification as extra-brut. The bottles are plain brown glass with no labelling, simply the name of the champagne scribed with a chalk pen. They are all now sealed using the best cork on the market – the Mytik Diamant.


The 2006 vintage “Chemin des Conges” is a Blanc de Noirs, containing 100% Pinot Meunier from old vines planted in the 1960’s. It has a deep golden colour that gives hints of vanilla, brioche and dried fruits.


The 2006 vintage “Toulette” is a Blanc de Blancs, containing 100% Chardonnay from old vines planted in 1947. It is an unctuous wine giving hints of oranges and vanilla.


The 2006 vintage “Tue Bœuf” is a Blanc de Noirs, containing 100% Pinot Noir. It is a robust wine whereby the hints of wood show through along with vanilla, tropical fruits and even rum!


These are three opulent, delicious champagnes.  We adore the trio and love the way in which they are presented, so simple but so self-confident and of course they have every right to be. These champagnes are reason enough for taking a trip to Epernay and one of the main incentives for us continually returning to the town!


Price at source = €45.00 each.


Champagne Janisson-Baradon have very recently (April 2014) opened a new boutique and tasting room on the Place de la République at the bottom of the Avenue de Champagne so “Chemin des Conges”, “Toulette” and “Tue Bœuf” are even easier to get hold of.














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