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Our “Champagne of the Month” for February 2018 comes from brother’s Pierre and François Huré of Champagne Huré Frères, located in the village of Ludes on the Montagne de Reims.


The brothers practice sustainable viticulture across their estate, spanning the villages of Ludes, Villedommange, Brouillet, Serzy, Prin and Vavray Le Grand. The cuvée “4 Elements Meunier” is born from a single parcel using just the Meunier grape, from a single vintage and one method of vinification – in oak.


Our wine is from the 2012 vintage, the first year that Pierre and François released this particular champagne. We first tasted it at “Les Artisans” association tasting during “Champagne Week” on 20th April 2016 when Pierre triumphantly declared “I warn you, you’re gonna like it”!


The 0.36 hectare lieu-dit is named “La Grosse Pierre”, located in Ludes on a slope with a West/South-West exposition. The rocky limestone soil is shallow which allows the vine roots to dig deep into the earth. This type of soil is fast-draining which encourages hydro stress that can aid in the production of high quality grapes. The vines on this site were planted in 1963 and in combination with the terroir, produce small, concentrated berries.


Vinification is carried out in 600 litre demi-muids where malolactic fermentation is blocked. The wine is dosed at 3gl meaning it is classified as extra-brut; alcohol is 12%abv.


Tasted on 14th January 2018


Appearance: Pale gold with a delicate mousse.


Characteristics: Pronounced intensity with primary aromas of red apple, pear, mandarin, pineapple, peach and apricot. Secondary notes of vanilla, toast, biscuit, freshly baked bread and short crust pastry. There are tertiary aromas of honey, nuts, almond, marzipan and caramel. The finish is long and whilst drinking perfectly now, it certainly has the potential for ageing.


This is an outstanding champagne with an excellent balance between freshness, acidity and depth of flavour aided by oxidation from vinification in oak. How right Pierre was, we loved it when we first tasted it and adore it now.


Price circa €55.00