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The delightful “La Parcelle” from Champagne Chevreux-Bournazel is our May 2017 “Champagne of the Month”.


Chevreux-Bournazel is a tiny domaine of just 0.4 hectares in the village of Connigis to the south of the Marne river in the West of the Vallée de la Marne. The parcel of Meunier grapes is farmed biodynamically, ploughed by horse and fertilised by the family’s goats. Fermentation takes place in small oak barrels with regular bâtonnage in accordance with the lunar calendar. Malolactic fermentation is blocked and the wines are neither fined nor filtered. They are either available as extra brut or without dosage, our wine was dosed at 4gl, born from the 2012 harvest; alcohol is at 11.7% abv. Just 650 bottles were produced.


Appearance: Medium intensity, lemon, with a fine and persistent mousse.


Nose: Pronounced intensity with primary aromas of spartan apples, ripe peach, apricot compote and wild strawberry. Secondary aromas of freshly baked baguette, toasted bread just on the cusp of burning, short crust pastry, honey, vanilla and cloves. Tertiary aromas of caramel, almond, hazelnut and frangipane.  


Palate: Pronounced intensity of flavour. Primary notes of mandarin, ripe peach, fresh grapefruit and pineapple. Secondary notes of fresh baguette, toast, smoky, short crust pastry, honey and vanilla. Tertiary notes of almond, caramel and gingerbread. The mousse is delicate and inviting with a medium finish.


This is a gorgeous expression of Meunier produced in such small quantities…trust us this is a gem worth searching out!


Price circa €49.90