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October 2014





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Our cuvée of the month for October comes from Champagne Bourdaire-Gallois, a Récoltant-Manipulant located in the village of Pouillon on the Massif de Saint-Thierry.


This excellent small domaine was created by David Bourdaire in 1994 and controls just over 4.8 hectares of vineyards, mainly located around the villages of Pouillon, Hermonville and Villers-Franquex. Viticulture is “lute raisonnée” with the method of “enherbement” also encouraged.


The Blanc de Blancs consists of 100% Chardonnay which accounts for just 10% of the vine stock. The vines are located on sandy soil in Pouillon. 50% is vinified in thermo-regulated steel tanks whilst the remainder is vinified in half-hogsheads, dosage is 6gl.


Floral and fruity notes are evident with hints of citrus, a little pâtisserie and good acidity.


When tasted with David on 17th September, we tried both a decanted version and normally poured from the bottle. When we drank this cuvée at home, again we tested the difference between directly pouring into the glass and using a carafe. This is an excellent wine and in our opinion is further enhanced when using a carafe.


Price at source = €23.15