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May 2013

Our cuvée of the month for May comes from the very impressive Champagne Francis Boulard of Cauroy-lès-Hermonville on the Petite Montagne de Reims.


This house controls just 2 ¾ hectares of vineyards in what is generally perceived to be moderate terroir. However, farmed biodynamically and in accordance with the lunar calendar, Francis Boulard is both an exceptional farmer and an exceptional winemaker.


Les Rachais Rosé 2005 is still early in its life and when tasted (18th April 2013) had yet to reach its full potential. That said it was already a powerful and intense wine, very interesting and a real assault on the senses. Hints of caramel, dark fruits and patisserie.


Made from 100% Pinot Noir from an old parcel of vines, planted on a soil that is a mix of clay and limestone, this single plot bearing its name is located on the Massif de Saint-Thierry.  


This rosé is made by using the traditional saignée method, with a maceration period of 10-12 hours. Keeping with tradition, indigenous yeasts are used in the fermentation process. Vinification takes place in small old oak barrels and bâtonnage is used in conjunction with the lunar calendar. Malolatic fermentation takes place and this wine is without dosage, unfined and unfiltered. Bottling also takes place in accordance with the lunar calendar.


This is a natural wine made with natural methods with acute attention to detail, dedication and innovation. As such it transcends what should ordinarily be its boundaries to become a truly, great Champagne. It is a must for any budding enthusiast. Wow!


Price at source = €55.00














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