Welcome to Virtual Champagne Week 2020!

By champagnediscovery, Apr 17 2020 03:52PM

The 2020 edition of Champagne Week, or to give it its formal title “Le printemps des champagnes” has of course been cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. For Gita and I, the week is the highlight of our year and the first period of leave we book from work. We love having the opportunity to catch up with vignerons whom we have come to know over the years to chat all things wine and often more. The chance to discover new (to us) faces and wines is also exciting – the week always throws up some great moments and surprises. Along the way, we have made friends with fellow visitors and will dearly miss meeting up with them; in particular enjoying late evenings eating and drinking the odd bottle of champagne or two at our favourite spots. In short, there is so much we will miss.

As a result, we have decided to celebrate Champagne Week chez nous. The idea is to unite with fellow champagne lovers all over the World thanks to social media and to share a bottle or two. Ultimately to connect the best we can and to thank the many amazing winemakers of Champagne who continually help to give us happiness and pleasure in these uncertain times. For this reason we have set up the Facebook group “Le printemps virtuel des champagnes 2020”.

Our idea is to select a bottle (at the very least) from one of the tasting salons on each day and share it via the Facebook group or other platforms. Tag the winemaker to show your appreciation of their efforts and to let everyone know what a great champagne you are enjoying.

The calendar:

Friday 17th: Les Fa’Bulleuses.

Saturday 18th: Grands Champagnes, Meunier Institut, Les Pépites des Independants, Secraie des Vignerons du Sézannais.

Sunday 19th: Bulles Bio, Champagne Terroirs etc, Empreintes Côte des Bar, La Transmission, Les Mains du Terroir, Passion Chardonnay.

Monday 20th: Club Trésors, Des Pieds et des Vins, Génération Champagne, Le Cercle des Créateurs, Origines Champagne, Terres et Vins de Champagne, Verzenay Grand Cru de Champagne.

Tuesday 21st: Académie du Vin de Bouzy, Champagne for You, Grands Cru d’Exception de Champagne, La Route du Champagne, Les Artisans du Champagne.

Wednesday 22nd: Dégustation Panoramique aux Riceys, Grands Champagnes.

We look forward to sharing a bottle with you and to see what you are drinking. With love and best wishes - keep healthy and drink champagne!

*Our week of champagnes can now be viewed in Champagne of the Month*


Lee and Gita

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