Sustainable viticulture

By champagnediscovery, Mar 31 2017 07:24PM

In recent editions of “Champagne of the Month” we have made reference to producers whom have been awarded the Haute Valeur Environnementale. Here is a brief explanation of the program.

The HVE is the most demanding level of an environmental certification scheme for farmers in France. The scheme focuses on four principles, each of which is driven by strict performance criteria that must be met by farmers in order to achieve certification.

These are:

• Preservation of biodiversity

• Phytosanitary strategy (plant health)

• Fertilizer management

• Water resource management

As well as monitoring what materials are used, waste is also audited to ensure a high level of environmental performance.

More and more producers in Champagne are gaining this accreditation, contributing to a bright future for sustainable viticulture in the region.


Lee and Gita

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