London's first organic champagne tasting

By champagnediscovery, Oct 31 2018 04:06PM

On Monday 29th October, we were privileged to attend the first ever organic champagne tasting held in London, presented by the Association des Champagnes Biologiques – the group whom host the “Bulles Bio” tasting during Champagne Week in April. Held at the famous Lord’s Cricket Ground, it was an excellent opportunity to taste some truly excellent wines from eighteen inspiring producers.

Being less of an intense and hectic experience that some of the salons can be during Champagne Week, it was great to be able to chat at length to winemakers to get an in-depth review of their year and in particular the 2018 harvest as well as the lowdown on all of their wines. Of course, it was also a good opportunity to catch up with friends, whilst tasting fifty-seven extraordinary champagnes, wines and ratafia.

The producers present at the event were: Robert Barbichon, Barrat-Masson, André Beaufort, Laurent Bénard, Jérôme Blin, Colette Bonnet, Bourgeois-Diaz, Vincent Charlot, L&S Cheurlin, Vincent Couche, Éliane Delalot, Pascal Doquet, Fleury, Val Frison, Olivier Horiot, Lelarge-Pugeot, Elemart Robion and Yves Ruffin.

This event has really whet the whistle for April’s tasting salons and perhaps reminded us that there are a few more wines needing to find a place in our collection!


Lee and Gita

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