Au Bon Manger

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L’Épicerie Au Bon Manger

7, Rue Courmeaux, Reims.


Based in the “Forum” area of Reims, L’Épicerie Au Bon Manger is a delightful little treasure of a delicatessen come bistro. The provenance and quality of the produce is of the utmost importance to Aline and Eric, who also ensure the atmosphere is warm and convivial. As to be expected, the champagne list is excellent and there is a very good selection of wines if you fancy a change, all of which compliment the delicious array of cheeses and charcuterie. Warm dishes are also available should you require a little more sustenance. When you finally decide to leave, you can take with you a bottle or three of the excellent champagnes on offer.


A quick bite for two can easily end up as a party for eight which lasts all night – there are no strangers at L’Épicerie Au Bon Manger, just friends you haven’t met yet!